Earn Algorand (ALGO) Staking Rewards

Staked has been selected as an approved relay and participation node operator by the Algorand Foundation allowing you to delegate your holdings and earn rewards while keeping custody of your assets. Earn a 17.5% annualized yield from these rewards. 

Why Delegate to Staked? 

  • Proven Partner: We're the staking partner of choice for 40+ crypto funds and thousands of investors. 
  • Reliability: Our 100% uptime SLA ensures you get paid reliably and securely. 
  • Non-custodial: We do not custody your assets, so there's no risk your funds are stolen. 

How does it work? 

To get started, you have two options here:

  1. Setup a call with the Staked team (use the form to the right)
  2. Use the instructions below 

Staking Instructions

  1. Email your Algorand public address to staked@staked.us
  2. Staked will generate and send you a transaction to sign offline that registers your participation key online with a participation node operated by Staked
  3. Transfer the unsigned transaction generated by Staked to an offline device to sign with your private spending key
  4. Transfer the signed transaction to an online device and send it to staked@staked.us
  5. Staked will broadcast the signed transaction on your behalf to the Algorand blockchain

Want more detailed instructions?

Check out our complete Algorand Staking Guide