Earn Dash (DASH) Staking Rewards

Staked runs Masternodes on customers' behalf allowing you to earn rewards while keeping direct custody of your assets. Earn a 6% annualized yield from these rewards. 

Why Delegate to Staked? 

  • Proven Partner: We're the staking partner of choice for 40+ crypto funds and thousands of investors. 
  • Reliability: Our 100% uptime SLA ensures you get paid reliably and securely. 
  • Non-custodial: We do not custody your assets, so there's no risk your funds are stolen. 

How does it work? 

To get started, you have two options here:

  1. Setup a call with the Staked team (use the form to the right)
  2. Use the instructions below 

Staking Instructions

Each Masternode requires exactly 1,000 DASH, and associated addresses as detailed below. 

Collateral address - used to exclusively hold the 1,000 DASH Masternode collateral.

Payout address - receives Masternode rewards and must have a small amount of DASH to pay the Masternode registration transaction fee. Can be an existing address.

Registration Using Dash Core

1. Open the Dash Core wallet, select Tools from the system menu and open the Debug console. Commands in the console are detailed below.

2. Create a collateral address and send it exactly 1,000 DASH

getnewaddress <address-alias>

sendtoaddress <address> 1000

3. Get Collateral Transaction Hash and Index from Masternode Outputs

masternode outputs

expected console logs {"Collateral Transaction Hash": "Collateral Index"}

6. Fill out the Masternode Registration Form

Registration Using a Hardware Wallet

1. Create a collateral address and send it exactly 1,000 DASH using your hardware wallet of choice

2. Download the Dash Masternode Tool (DMT)

3. Open and connect your hardware wallet to the Dash Masternode Tool

4. Click the "New" button.

4. Click the "Locate Collateral" button. This will auto-fill the collateral transaction hash and index.

5. Fill out the Masternode Registration Form