Earn Horizen (ZEN) Staking Rewards

Staked runs Super Nodes on customers' behalf allowing you to earn rewards while keeping direct custody of your assets. Earn a 16% annualized yield from these rewards. 

How does it work? 

Staked will run Super Nodes on your behalf.

  1. Create new receiving addresses using an official Horizen wallet available at https://horizen.global/wallets
  2. 500 ZEN are required per Super Node, and each Super Node requires a unique receiving address
  3. Send 500 ZEN per Super Node to each new receiving address. You may want to send 500.1 ZEN to be safe
  4. Each Super Node costs $15 / month. Use the form on this page to share your addresses. 

Why Delegate to Staked? 

  • Proven Partner: We're the staking partner of choice for 40+ crypto funds and thousands of investors. 
  • Reliability: Our 100% uptime SLA ensures you get paid reliably and securely. 
  • Non-custodial: We do not custody your assets, so there's no risk your funds are stolen. 

Want more detailed instructions?

Check out our complete Horizen Staking Guide