Earn Kava (KAVA) Staking Rewards 

Staked runs a Kava node allowing you to delegate your holdings and earn rewards while keeping custody of your assets.  Earn a 8% annualized yield from these rewards. 

Why Delegate to Staked? 

  • Proven Partner: We're the staking partner of choice for 40+ crypto funds and thousands of investors. 
  • Reliability: Our 100% uptime SLA ensures you get paid reliably and securely. 
  • Non-custodial: We do not custody your assets, so there's no risk your funds are stolen. 

How does it work? 

You will need to delegate your stake to our validator. You have two options here:

  1. Setup a call with the Staked team (use the form to the right)
  2. Use the instructions below 

Staking Instructions

  1. Configure kvcli to connect to the Staked Kava full-node with the command below.
    kvcli config node kava.staked.cloud:26657
  2. Delegate your KAVA to Staked with the command below. (Note: the command below it to delegate 5 KAVA).
    kvcli tx staking delegate kavavaloper1dntlhrw3jrej6ssdp64yfmkkz08ykyx4n7hphh 5000000ukava --from --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.5 --gas-prices 0.25ukava --chain-id kava-2

Staked Address 


Want more detailed instructions?

Download our complete Kava Staking Guide