Earn Qtum (QTUM) Staking Rewards

Staked runs Qtum validators allowing you to delegate your QTUM and earn rewards while keeping custody of your assets.

Why nominate Staked? 

  • Proven Partner: We're the staking partner of choice for 40+ crypto funds and thousands of investors. 
  • Reliability: Our 100% uptime SLA ensures you get paid reliably and securely. 
  • Non-custodial: We do not custody your assets, so there's no risk your funds are stolen.

How does it work? 

You will need to delegate your stake to our node. You have two options here:

  1. Setup a call with the Staked team (use the form to the right)
  2. Use the instructions below 

Staking Instructions

  1. To make the delegation assignment from the Qtum Core wallet, select Stake – Delegations, the Add delegation "+" button in the upper right corner, enter the Staker name (for local reference only), Staker address (QXSXTxpSuAkrnGFiDRzdQ8HEzQ53d2c1AE), Fee you agree to pay, and your Address to be delegated. Leave the default Gas settings alone unless you understand how to set these. The delegation transaction will require at least 0.9 QTUM in fees and any excess will be refunded.
  2. Press Confirm and Yes to send the delegation transaction.

Staked Address