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Polygon is an Ethereum / EVM compatible sidechain and scaling solution. It provides a protocol for building and connecting stand-alone (sovereign) and secured blockchains to Ethereum.

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How to stake Polygon (MATIC)

MATIC can be staked using Polygon Staking Portal
Step 1: Visit Polygon Staking Portal and click on the white 'Become a Delegator' button. Image description
Step 2: Click on the blue 'Login' button in the upper right corner to connect your web3 wallet. Image description
Step 3: After successfully connecting your wallet, enter Staked into the Search validators box under the All Validators header. Image description
Step 4: Click on the 'Delegate' button for the Staked listing. (For confirmation purposes, here's the Staked validator profile) Image description
Step 5: In the Delegate modal, enter the amount of MATIC you want to delegate to Staked and click 'Continue'. Image description
Step 6: Click on the blue Delegate button, and then sign and broadcast the staking transaction. Once the transaction has been confirmed on the Ethereum network, you have staked successfully. Image description

Polygon (MATIC) Institutional Staking

Are you an institution looking to stake Polygon? Staked has integrated with the largest crypto asset custodians to make staking for institutions and enterprises easy.

To get started: Notify your account manager at your preferred custodian that you would like to delegate MATIC to a Staked-operated node. Your custodian and Staked will work together to ensure that your MATIC is staked reliably and securely. No other steps necessary!

Learn more about Staked’s institutional staking capabilities and how we work with custodians
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