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Near is a decentralized, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain that focuses on developer and user friendliness

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How to stake Near (NEAR)

Steps to stake NEAR
Step 1: Navigate to Near Wallet and click the blue ‘Create Account’ button. Image description
Step 2: Once your account creation is complete, select ‘Staking’ on the top navigation bar and click the ‘Stake My Tokens’ button. Image description
Step 3: Search for staked.poolv1.near in the validator account ID search bar and select the validator. Image description
Step 4: Click the ‘Stake with Validator’ button. Image description
Step 5: Enter the amount you would like to stake and click ‘Submit Stake’. Image description
Step 6: Click ‘confirm’ to confirm your transaction and you have staked successfully. Image description Image description

Near (NEAR) Institutional Staking

Are you an institution looking to stake NEAR?

Staked has integrated with the largest crypto asset custodians to make staking for institutions and enterprises easy. Staked and your custodian can work together to ensure that your NEAR is securely delegated to a Staked-operated node.

Learn more about Staked’s institutional staking capabilities and how we work with custodians
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