A Traditional Investment Vehicle for a New Kind of Investment

Get exposure to the price of Ethereum plus a growing ETH balance from staking rewards, all packaged in a familiar structure.

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The Staked ETH Trust is the first traditional investment vehicle that offers the combination of digital asset exposure and staking rewards. Open to accredited investors with a minimum subscription of $25,000, the Trust wraps the complexity of owning and staking ETH into an accessible and familiar structure.

Key Facts

The Staked ETH Trust is the only digital asset investment fund that offers both Ethereum and staking yield exposure in one vehicle. The accrual of staking yield over time supports an appreciating NAV for the Staked ETH Trust and generates continual outperformance against non-staking focused fund equivalents.

Asset Class Digital Assets
Pricing Source Coincap.io Ethereum Index
Qualification Accredited Investors
Minimum Investment $25,000
Subscriptions Weekly (Wednesdays)
Redemptions Unavailable
Sponsor Staked Capital LLC
Custodial Tech Provider Fireblocks, Inc.
Staking Agent Staked Securely, Inc.
Auditor TBD
Legal Counsel Chapman & Cutler LLP
Fund Administrator Theorem Fund Services LLC